Kyle Young-Moncure

Meet Kyle Young-Moncure...


Inclusion | Culture | Emotional Intelligence 

Kyle Young-Moncure believes
that each individual holds a special place in society’s big picture.

She is driven by a genuine desire to help others uncover their own unique gifts & talents, and is a Certified Facilitator of Diversity & Inclusion, Cultural Competence & EQ.

With more than 20 years experience, 

Kyle has partnered with countless organizations to create healthy work environments grounded in inclusion, teamwork & respect.

Kyle is Managing Partner of The Neuro-Inclusion Group, Creator of the International Podcast, Sawbouna, “I See Color," and Founder of The Free Your Mind Forum, a community focused organization dedicated to promoting experiential Inclusion nationwide.

Whether keynoting a conference, hosting a workshop or conducting group training, 

Kyle brings creativity, compassion and a little comedy to each endeavor. 

2020 Presentation Topics Include:

•Blame It On The Brain (UB) 

•Digestible Diversity & Conscious Inclusion  

•Race Is Hard To Talk About-Do It Anyway 

•The Free Your Mind Experience 2020 (EI) 

•Star Trek Strategies “Lessons In D&I From The Legendary Starship Enterprise” (DICB) 

Kyle offers tools that transform fear into fuel & obstacles into opportunities for both individual & organizational growth.

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Kyle Young-Moncure