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Kyle Young-Moncure knows every individual holds a special  place in society’s big picture. Knowing it is impossible for self love  and hate to co-exist, she is driven by a genuine desire to help others  uncover their gifts, passions & callings!


Kyle is a (Dallas) Advisory Board Member for The National Diversity Council, Former Member of The Arts & Culture Board for The City of Irving,Texas, Creator of “Be UnReasonable” Limitless Lifestyle Strategies and Founder and CEO of The Free Your Mind Forum, a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization dedicated to Diversity, Inclusion and Dialogue in communities nationwide.

She is dedicated to her lifelong passion of diversity & self  empowerment. Through her work as a motivational speaker, panelist and  personal growth mentor, Kyle strives to encourage, inspire, and ignite  the fire of discovery. Her life's work is rooted in social healing,  inclusion and confidence.

With over 20 years of leadership experience, she has helped  companies develop inclusive business cultures grounded in teamwork,  integrity, and respect. 

Kyle skillfully delivers difficult subject matter to tough  audiences, and gracefully demonstrates how to transform biases into  opportunities for business and personal growth.


Whether Keynoting a Conference, Hosting a Workshop, Spearheading a Forum, or Facilitating a Training, Kyle brings creativity,  compassion, candor and comedy to every engagement. 

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• Certified Speaker & Trainer: Diversity, Inclusion & Culture (Humanext)

• Former Member of Arts & Culture Board Of Directors : City of Irving 

• Texas Advisory Board Member: National Diversity Counsel

• Certified Trainer: Classroom Management-Center For Teacher Effectiveness 

• Trained Facilitator: Safe Conversations

• Outschool K-12: Teacher: Diversity, Inclusion & Culture 

• Founder of The Free Your Mind Forum 501c3 (Diversity, Inclusion & Culture)